"We wouldn't dream of resting our mouse on anything but CS Hyde's C4 NGen Mousing Surface. The NGen's ultra-slick surface is made of a PTFE coating that will have your mouse gliding across your desk like an Olympic figure skater bringing  home the gold.  You can have any mousepad outfitted with a piece of C4 transforming that ordinary pad into a power user's dream."   -Maximum PC Magazine

Speed, accuracy, smoothness.  Power users all over the world have come to love our high tech PTFE coated woven surface, and not just because of its excellent gaming characteristics.  Graphic designers love the ability to precisely lay paths, photographers praise C4 when it comes to minute detail touchups, and even if you aren't one of those people that spend much of your day frolicking through cyberspace, you will be able to appreciate the reduced fatigue provided by the super low coefficient of friction.  C4 Mouseware is proud to offer the slickest, most accurate mouse surface on the market, check us out when you are ready to not just step up your game, but your entire computing experience!


We have three types of C4 available:  C4 Ngen with foam backing;  the super thin C4 NGen04 with repositionable black silicone backing, and the adhesive-backed C4 Classic.

C4 NGen is successfully tested by Logitech for MX518, G5, & G7 Gaming Mice; Works great with all manufactures tested:  optical, ball and laser mice.  Paired with our Mouse Accessories will help ensure your victory. 

Reviewed: Rexware (Francais), Dan's Data, LAN OC, Colleges.com, Overclockers Club





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