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Have you purchased a tournament mousepad and found its surface to be lacking?  We hear this all the time, and here is the solution.  Just send us your pad, and no matter the shape or size, we will resurface it with our super-slick C4 Classic material.  You will be the proud new owner of a pad bred specifically for high speed gaming, and the envy of your fellow gamers.
-Almost any shape or size
-Works with all tested wired/wireless, ball, optical and laser mice including FRAGnStein ®
-For optimal performance, use with our PTFE mouse accessories


1.  E-mail us with the brand, model, and basic dimensions of your mousepad:  sales@cshyde.com
2.  We'll respond to you with a quote that includes shipping.
3.  Send us the quoted amount via paypal and ship us your pad to be covered.  Be sure to include your mailing address.
4.  We'll custom chop some C4 and cover your pad, you will receive your C4 Custom in about a week.





Orders ship through US Mail, please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery.  Click here for information on upgrading to UPS.

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