^ Wrinkles will smooth out when the mouse mat is stuck down  ^

We've decided to get rid of some of the blemished NGen04 sheets that we don't have the heart to throw away.  They still have all the soul of our C4 NGen04 line, but unfortunately have some surface deformities that kept them from being sold along with their pretty siblings.  The defects affect performance in no way, which is why we couldn't just ditch them.  Defects include:

- Wrinkles, hey it happens to the best of us
- Rough edges
- Possible uses may include science projects, crafts, artwork, wall mosaics, retro costuming, or get one as a travel pad to toss in a laptop case

These blems are C4NGen04 thin pads with silicone bottoms that have gotten wrinkled, so give one of these ugly ducks a home.  The wrinkles will not affect mousing, you probably wont even feel them.  Sizes are around the size of the landing strip, 8"x10". There are no returns on blemished pads.


 Item Name: Regular Blem
Item Number: C4-NGen-D
Price: $8.00 


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